Tips for Mobile Detailing Work Vehicle

Do you know the feeling you get when you drive down the highway in Greencastle, PA, and you see a towel every half mile? It is too dangerous to pick up, but you wonder if it isn’t a nice towel. Did you ever wonder how it got there? You might think that it was a poor sole who lost their laundry from the back of his pickup. Most towels come from mobile detailers, who are often in a rush to get to their next appointment and forget to grab their supplies. You may have seen those towels in your mobile detailing Greencastle or auto detailing business. Maybe you stopped to get some. These are some tips to help you avoid losing stuff or spending a lot of money on towels or cash.

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Make sure you have towels down before you get on a freeway.

You will be grateful you did. This should be a 15-second preflight procedure. Once you get into the routine, it’s easy to do it without thinking. Towels cost between $1.00 and $3.00 per piece. Each detailer has their favorite towels. It would be a shame to lose them due to negligence or to forget to secure your cargo before you leave for the next appointment.

Many a detailer drags a 15-foot vacuum tube that is already wearing out as it drags. These things are common in mobile businesses. Extension cords can also get caught on tires and rip off, which is another common problem. When the cord is severed, electric buffers, carpet extractors, or vacuums will not work with your portable generator.

Once dragged behind a vehicle, pressure washer guns never work again. If they catch on a tire, it can cause the whole pressure washer, unloader assembly, or hose to come off the vehicle. Although you made an appointment within minutes, it might be difficult to explain to customers that your equipment was damaged because you didn’t pay enough attention. What are the chances that they will trust you with their expensive SUV or car? It’s not hard to see the point.

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